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  • ‘Complete 2 Compete’ helps Mississippi’s adults finish college degrees

    By Dillon Mullan Daily Journal

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    Former UM Students Find Pathway to College Degree

    8/10/18 – University of Mississippi News

    UM Student Completes Bachelor Degree After 40 years

    9/14/17 – University of Mississippi News

    First Complete to Compete Diploma Presented

    10/18/2017 – Jackson, Miss.

    The Complete to Compete program is an exciting statewide initiative focused on helping students who have earned some previous college credit, but did not complete a degree, to overcome barriers and complete an undergraduate degree program. Those who choose the C2C program will work one-on-one with a C2C coach who will help them explore academic options and determine the most effective path to degree completion on the main UM campus in Oxford, MS or at one of our regional campuses in Southaven, Booneville, Tupelo, or Grenada. It may even be possible, depending on remaining courses needed, for a student to complete the degree through online or independent study courses.

    To be eligible for the program, a student must:

    • not have attended any college for at least 24 months prior to enrollment
    • be at least 21 years of age
    • complete an application through the C2C website 
    • not have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher from UM or another institution

    Why is it important to get a degree?

    • 54% of MS jobs will require education beyond high school by 2018 (US Census Bureau)
    • $22,000 salary difference between college grads and high school grads (Forbes)
    • Workers with a bachelor’s degree earn over $1 million more than high school graduates during their working lives (US Dept. of Labor)
    • Unemployment rates decrease as education increases (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


    • Increased job satisfaction
    • Better overall health
    • Improved social mobility
    • Opportunity for personal development

    Source: The College Board, 2013

    Benefits of C2C:

    • Designated C2C Coach
    • Reverse Transfer from 4-year to 2-year institution
    • Tuition Assistance Grants (Spring 2018)
    • Competency-Based Education (CBE) (coming soon)
    • Adult Learner Incentives at Institutions

    Source: Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, 2017